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Radio Music

Listening to radio music is a good way for music enthusiasts to get updated on the latest hits and trends in the music industry. Even before the Internet entered mainstream and digital music players came flying off shelves, radio music was the main source of updates and music-related news. Most radio stations also have segments where they allow listeners to call in their requests, providing them with a more personalised way of listening to radio music. Because radio music isn't limited to a specific genre or group of artists, people who listen to radio music are also able to diversify their musical tastes.

Radio music provides a sort of all-in-one package for music lovers, as it gives listeners not just the latest hits and news, but also album reviews and access to exclusive interviews with famous and yet-to-be-famous musical artists. Another contributing factor to the popularity of radio music is their accessibility. Whether driving on the way to work or hanging out in friends' houses, people usually have radio music playing in the background. But due to the popularity of MP3 players, there are reportedly less people listening to radio music. Instead, they stick to their mp3 players that provide them with 100% personalised playlists.

Decline of radio music audience

As portable mp3 players became more accessible to people all over the globe, radio DJs and station owners feared that they might eventually lose their radio music audience. Add to that the number of websites that offer free downloadable songs, radio music is seemingly becoming less popular. Some countries are even running campaigns to encourage people to listen to radio music, stressing that not all the songs that they want to hear can be downloaded off the Internet.

These campaigns also emphasised the news and information that listeners can get by listening to radio music, such as interviews with burgeoning artists and exclusive performances by their favorite artists. According to a study conducted by a popular media company, users spend less time listening to radio music within the first three months after purchasing their MP3 players. The good news, however, is that the frequency of listening to radio music gradually increases or returns to normal the longer they have used their MP3 players. This means that regardless of whether an individual owns an mp3 player, he or she still sees radio music as an important source of music-related news and information.

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